Child protection 

Keeping children in school


Child Protection 

The Small World,  Child Protection programs address the issues of child trafficking, child labor, violence, and abuse in any form. These programs help children, especially girls, to develop normally within a healthy environment, receive a quality education from childhood through young adulthood, and become strong and self-reliant within their communities.

Education scholarships

To project child, we provide education scholarship programs make it easy for children to attend school, receive health care, parental love, and the continuance of their education despite any economic barriers. Our Child Education Sponsorship Program helps to assure that the child protection programs focus on the most vulnerable children, such as orphaned and abandoned girls, while aiming for the safety and well-being of all children. 

We envision a world where every girl and boy has an equal opportunity to attend school and benefit from an education.


For less than $ 1.15 a day, you can support a child with gift of education.

To help us realize this vision, you can help sponsor a child for just $1.11 cent a day. Such a donation of $400 per year will cover his or her essential school supplies, including books, tuition, fees,  uniform &  guidance together with child, school & family/ community  . With your contribution, you can give this most precious gift of education to a child.

Get to know your child

Once you sponsor a child, you will receive a letter from child and Small World share progress reports twice in  a year. In addition, Small world will send photos of the child and progress reports on their academic growth. If you choose to visit Nepal, you will also have the opportunity to meet personally with the child you are sponsoring and witness firsthand how your contribution has helped to change a life for the better. 


Sponsor a child's education today

"If you educate a child, you educate the future."



Gender: Girl
Age: 14


Gender: Girl
Age: 6


Gender: Boy
Age: 9



Gender: Girl
Age: 14



Gender: Boy
Age: 10


Gender: Girl
Age: 5



Gender: Girl
Age: 12



Gender: Girl
Age: 6

Special Needs: Deaf and Mute


By 2017, our child protection program has been supporting  72 children keeping them in school.