Safe Drinking Water Project

Providing Safe Drinking Water for Communities

In remote Himalayan communities of Nepal, villagers spend hours every day walking to collect water for their families and animals. Most of them are women and children, which also has the effect of keeping children out of school.


The majority of women and children are spending hours every day walking to collect water for their family and animals in remote Himalayan communities in Nepal.

In 2016, The Small World partnered with the local community of Puleli village in Taksindu, Nepal, for twelve months to develop a safe drinking water project. The water was brought into the village through an underground pipeline from 2km away, benefiting 52 households directly, and nearly 350 individuals every day.

With the completion of the water project, the children are now able to go to school and, with more time available, their families are able to earn money to break the cycle of poverty.The village is now also safe from different types of waterborne diseases since the water source is well protected.

We are helping our communities in many ways as a small family to make a difference.


For example, in 2008, we provided PTA training together with the dZi Foundation of Ridgway, Colorado (U.S.); in 2011, we helped to built schools in Phuleli through a partnership with Edge of Seven of Denver, Colorado; in 2015, we helped to build one home and 426 toilets in Taksindu VDC, including Phuleli village, benefiting nearly 2500 individuals through a partnership with Nivas Build US nonprofit.


We have also created opportunities for education, through sponsorship programs, for many underprivileged children to allow their continuing education. Thank you very much to all our supporters and partners who are helping to make a huge difference in our many sustainable community development programs. These programs are empowering local communities and providing needy children access to education, especially young girls in some of the most remote Himalayan communities in Nepal.

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