Girls At Risk into Girls of Change

News from Hope Home


The girls have formed four clubs, with guidance from Hope Home’s person “in charge”. In order to provide them with opportunities to demonstrate and acquire leadership skills, the girls are provided with autonomy to make decisions on club activities, to learn new skills outside of the classroom, develop their social skills, and learn time management by juggling several things – all skills vital to success. By being involved in those clubs, they’ll learn what they like and don’t like by trying different activities, which is very important in figuring out what they want to do for their careers. The clubs are mutually exclusive with four members in each club.

And here they are:

Green Club: Sangita Rai was selected as President of the club.

This club will work with the theme “Green,” representing Earth and environment. They will be engaging in different activities like recycling, tree planting, and keeping their surrounding environment green and healthy.

Academic Club: Pema Rinji Sherpa is the President of this club.

This club will engage more into academic activities like debate competition, public speaking, math club, etc., so they will improve their academic performances.

Music and Dance Club: Rinji Sherpa is the President of this club.

These club members will work toward different cultural dances and performances, songs and instruments and may participate in valley cultural dance program and inter school singing competition.

Arts and Crafts Club: Yangji Sherpa is the President of this club.

This club is planning to help all girls explore the limits of art and crafts. The club will have a session on collage art exhibition and will have a competition related to this.

Each club is provided with NRs 10,000 (100 USD) per year for activities, etc. This helps the girls with planning and implementation skills as well as leadership skills. To ensure the effective leadership of the club presidents, leadership training was also provided. The girls were introduced to documentation, leadership, and constructive feedback skills to strengthen their leadership skills.

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