Hope Home beautiful journey continue


    It’s our fifth year at the Himalayan Hope Home and with thirty-six girls now living here, there is more joy than ever as they relish life of security, love,and opportunity - free from the dire conditions and threats they once knew. 

    As of today, two of our girls have graduated from school;both have decided to take a gap year to carefully consider their goals for a future career. And as for the rest of our girls, they are all doing very well in school – we are proud of them!

    Every single girl is determined to excel in her studies, as all of them were once strictly denied this opportunity. They well understand the value of education and the enormous benefits it holds for their future.    

    However, it’s not all academics at the Hope Home, because our girls are very active and love sports. In fact, they have shown us amazing performances, winning several medals in inter school soccer, volleyball, and basketball competitions. Most of them are fond of wall climbing!

    Besides being good at academics and sports, these girls are always eager for new opportunities. One of these is the chance to be mentored by a professional writing coach, and now ten of the Hope Girls are learning to write professionally. This gives them the skills to express the power of their voice, and they have been writing beautifully. 

    We have also introduced a self-defense class so our girls can feel safe and confident in any circumstance. Self-defense is an important skill to learn and a great asset for any young girl, especially in countries like Nepal.

    These girls have taken a long journey to finally make it to the Hope Home. Here they are not only safe and healthy, but also we make every effort to give them everything they need to realize their dreams and benefit their own lives, their communities, and our country. To that end, our mission is to ensure they have every opportunity – the same as what boys have - to help them achieve those goals.

Hope Girls wall climbing
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