Volunteer Adventure Travel Partners


Students Shoulder to Shoulder

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder provides high school students with the opportunity to serve and live “shoulder-to-shoulder” with expert NGO leaders and their communities, working directly on projects to create long-lasting impact.



Go Putney Student Travel

We partner with communities around the world through long-term collaborations built over 67 years. Our students benefit from authentic interactions with local people that are unique to their group. As a result, they learn to understand and value community empowerment, cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability.



National  Geographic Students Expeditions

Our unique student travel program, National Geographic Student Expeditions, offers high school and middle school students ages 13 and older opportunities to get out into the field and follow in the footsteps of National Geographic’s photographers, writers, and scientists. We invite the next generation of explorers to snorkel with marine biologists in Belize, go on photo shoots in Yellowstone National Park with a National Geographic photographer, help out with a community project in Nepal, and more.



Hvitserk - eventyrreiser og ekspedisjoner

Together with our guests, Hvitserk and the Cairn Foundation have gathered several hundred thousand Norwegian kroner to various aid projects. Especially in Nepal and Kenya, but also Uganda, Tanzania, and Greenland.



Church of Incarnations

Unfortunately, natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, including our city, state, and nation. We aim to assist whenever we can. When the time is right, we work with organizations and churches to help fulfill the greatest needs as determined by those with feet already on the ground in the affected area. We have served in some capacity in New Orleans, Galveston, Joplin, Moore, Tuscaloosa, Van and Nepal.



Carpe Diem Education

Our programs are designed to safely challenge every student. Through service, travel, community and cultural exchange – our students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within. Reconnect with your supportive Carpe Diem community, meet fellow alumni, and dive deeper into intercultural learning. Spend your summer exploring women’s empowerment and education in Nepal and learn how these issues connect to human rights around the world.



No Barriers Youth USA

Inspiring Youth to make an impact as curious, brave and proactive Global Citizens.

Since 2003, No Barriers Youth has been partnering with schools around the world providing authentic student travel programs and expeditions customized to meet the needs and goals of today’s most passionate educators. From language immersion trips, to international service learning projects. 



GoAbroad.com-Meaningful Travel Starts Here

It has always been our mission to change lives through meaningful travel, one destination and one experience at a time. Go Abroad believe that travel is the key to individuals attaining a broader perspective of the world, and that the world is a better place when people have a deeper understanding and greater empathy toward all individuals and cultures.