The Small World is a not-for-profit charitable organization supporting locally driven sustainable community development projects. These projects help to provide education for children, especially young girls at risk for exploitation, and empowerment and opportunities for local communities to break the cycle of poverty.


Girls′ Education

We believe that Education is the key solution to the majority of problems
that girls are
facing in developing countries like Nepal. We envision a world where every girl and boy has
equal access and opportunity for education to break the cycles of poverty.

Community Development

We are working within the community, involving
local people as the actors of change and using local resources
for locally driven community development projects.
We believe that local community people know best what they need.

Travel With Purpose

The Christmas 2016 program was a great success, and we wish to thank you very much for the donations that made it all possible!

The girls had a great time going on picnics, cooking different foods, dancing and singing, and were thrilled to received their very own Christmas gift! In fact, this was the very first time any of these girls had ever received a gift at Christmas. 

It was easy to see that the girls felt especially loved and cared for on this day. Today, they still blush when a gift is asked about, and you can see the great appreciation in their eyes. Thank you all for your generous donations and making such a difference on this happiest of holidays for the girls!

Ongoing Projects

Our Campaigns

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TO ALL our Supporters, Donors, Partners and Friends: Thank you, thank you so very much for your generous donations to The Small World. With 100% of your donations going directly to our many important projects, we can make the most effective impact for positive change in the remote, underserved communities of Himalayan Nepal. We want you to know that your compassion and great kindness are making great differences in the lives of those in desperate need of help, and they are forever grateful. — Karma Sherpa, Co-Founder and President

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