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Volunteer with The Small World and be part of important sustainable community work

Volunteer welcoming with garland flowers by local community members into their community & home

Volunteer welcoming with garland flowers by local community members into their community & home

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The interior of a new school building.

The interior of a new school building.

Living like a local , carrying Millet on local basket called DOKO

Living like a local , carrying Millet on local basket called DOKO

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Thank you to Pål Gundersen & all team for joining with Small World. Special thanks to Pål Gundersen for photo credit.

Trek through the Himalayas with an Experienced Guide to the Most Beautiful Areas of Nepal

A volunteer trip to the Himalayan region of Nepal will be a life changing experience for you. You will gain a unique perspective on a different way of life, while simultaneously contributing to effect far reaching changes in the lives of others. Being part of a group is an epic experience . 

The Small World,  we don’t just place you in a program — we include you as an important member of our mission to truly participate in our project and to realise how you can make a big difference by directly working in community development projects in remote areas of Nepal.  You will see the light come back into people’s eyes, hear the “namastes,” and feel their deep appreciation for your kindness and work for their benefit. They will never forget you.



Make life long friends

While volunteering with us, you will have authentic cultural and eye opening experiences that will forever change your perspective on life and, likely, your own goals. Living with local people has created friendships that have lasted for years for our former volunteers, and certainly will for you, too.

You will be gaining a unique perspective on a different way of life while simultaneously contributing in a meaningful and life-changing way for local people whose lives will greatly improve because of your teamwork.

There will be many moments that will challenge you, as our cultures are extremely different, but if you keep an open mind and remain as flexible as possible, you will most certainly have a rewarding and fulfilling experience – one that is invaluable for people of all ages and walks of life!




  • Be an important member of a dedicated team that is building a much needed infrastructure in the remote Everest areas of Nepal.

  • Create a lasting impact on people’s lives who are in desperate need of your help. Our projects include building new schools, rebuilding school buildings, sanitation, libraries, and providing communities with safe drinking water.

  • Do your part in making the world a better place . . .the rewards will be more than you can imagine for everyone concerned.

  • Enjoy a massive sense of achievement: the work will be physically demanding, but you will get an extraordinary sense of satisfaction.

  • Meet new people and form long lasting friendships. We have seen this happen many times.

  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience working within a very different culture.

  • Expand your world view and perspectives and impact your life forever.

  • And . . . you’ll be working within the beauty of the Himalayas.



Volunteer experience shared 2017

A couple of weeks ago I came home from a fantastic trip to Nepal. 17 days set up by The Small World, an organization that supports community development projects. I, and my new Norwegian friends that I met on the airplane on my way to Nepal (3 of), had The Holiday of our lives together with our guides Chhyamba and Mingmar Sherpa and our 2 porters, Mingmar and Nima Chering. 

We had a few days in Kathmandu and 6 trekking days in the lower Himalaya (Everest area... 1500-3500m), which was great, but our working days working at a children school (and visiting another school) was even better! We were welcomed as kings and queens, and both the locals and the Rai-familiy (Doma and Idan, where we stayed during our voluntary work) were so friendly and hospitable! 

Thanks to The Small World, our guides, porters, and all the Nepali people we met. You made our holiday!
Også takk til Ester, Ann Katrin og Simen. Fantastisk reisefølge :)

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