Our Wish List

Girls Education

Girls’ education is the best investment; if she is educated she will do the rest,,

Donate $100

Momo party:

Throws a momo party for 35 girls. They love momo and it will be a fun day to put hands on making the food they love.

Donate $200

Wall climbing day:

Pays a day to go out wall climbing. Wall climbing is one of their favorite things to do on days off. It will include a bus ride from and to Hope Home and climbing fee for 35 girls.

Donate $500

life skill class:

Provide life skill learning opportunities for our Class 6-10 kids. Experiences such as tailoring, hair cutting, wood working, weaving, cooking, and knitting.

Donate $1,000

New school uniform:

Buys a set of new school uniform for 30 girls including new black school shoes.

Donate $5,000

One Month All Expenses

Help to cover all expenses of one month hope home family of 35 girls including foods, education expenses.

Community Development Work

Donate $1,000

New Home:

Pays for a construction of a new family home which was destroyed by earthquake in 2015. On this donation the family members will match labour and local resources.

Donate $5,000

Build a classroom for 40

Pays to rebuild a new earthquake safe classroom for 40 students in remote village in Solukhumbu with installation of a skylight.

Donate $10,000

Drinking water

Pays a complete safe drinking water project for a community in remote village of Solukhumbu which otherwise have to spend 30 minutes every trip to collect water.

Donate $15,000

Scholarship for 50 students

Will cover one year education cost of 50 children in their community.

Child protection

Donate $10

A new school bag

Will buy his/her own new school bag for school.

Donate $100

Sport’s Supplies

Will pay for a complete set of sports supplies for 6 months.

Donate $500

School Supplies

 Will pay for stationery, books and bags for 30 children whose parents were killed in the earthquake of 2015.

Donate $1,000

Year of school for 5 children

 Will pay for 5 children from a remote Himalayan village to attend school for 1 year.

Donate $5,000

Education for 25 children

Keeps 25 vulnerable children in school for a year with tuition fees, books, stationery , school uniform raising within community with family and relatives.

Thank you very much for your generous support. Together we can make a big difference.