Phuleli community Medical center in Takisndu

Problem / Challenges


Nepal is one of the countries with very poor health infrastructure. The doctor to population ratio for the whole country is 1:1724. Like most developing nations, doctors are geographically mal-distributed in Nepal. In the capital city Kathmandu one doctor has 850 people but in the rural areas the ration is one doctor for every 150000 people. Beside this ratio there are many barriers like poverty, complexity of the geography and lack of awareness etc. Phuleli is one of the remote villages in foothills of Mount Everest in Solukhumbhu, to reach in a hospital for basic treatment people need to walk at least 8 hours. There is an urgent need to address this problem.

After the need assessment and high request from local community people The Small World has decided to provide a fully furnished free medical center for this village in Partnership with Local Community, international donors and supporters.


The Small world has initiated to build free medical care center partnering with local community & international donors in Phuleli village on footprint of Classical Everest trekking trail to benefit the people of Taksindu, Jubing, Basa, many porters walking on trail to Everest base camp.

Your donation will directly benefit our very important project by building community medical care center with 24 hours service. A full time health assistance & registered nurse will be available to provide emergency care. We will have facility of emergency service, safe delivery, dental care, lab test, complete maternal and child health care, immunization, family planning service, free pharmacy service, awareness program in schools and regular training.

People often die from Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, which can be treated with ordinary medicines and proper health advice. In addition, we have plan to run free medical and dental camp twice in year partnering with international donors and doctors in this remote villages. The Small World has also mission to provide education sponsorship program to study nurses, health assistance, dental assistance and doctors in Kathmandu & after their education providing service in village for our sustainable program in long run.


• 1 OPD room

• 2 In patient room with 2 beds in each room

• 1 procedure room

• 1 Pharmacy

• 1 Lab

• 1 dental

• 1 delivery / gynecological examination

• 1 ANC/PNC and immunization

• 1 Sterilization room

• 1 waiting area

• 1 store room

• 1 Meeting plus training hall

• 2 toilets room


• 3 room for medical staffs at local level

• 3-5 room for volunteer housing


• OPD 7 days a week

• In patient 24 hours

• Laboratory

• Emergency 24 hours

• Family Planning Services

• Safe motherhood

• Reproductive health

• Dental services

• Maternal & Child health program/ immunization

• School Health program

• Specialized health services once in a month


• 1 Medical officer

• 1 Registered Nurse

• 1 Health Assistant

• 1 SBA (skilled birthing attendant)

• 1 laboratory technician

• 1 Dentist (2 days in a week)

• 1 Helper


Over 32,000 thousand remote Himalayan communities people will be benefiting from this project.

  • Taksindu with population of 6000 people living

  • Waku with population of 8000 people living

  • Basa with population of 7000 people living

  • Kaku with population of 6000 people living

  • Juving with population of 5000 people living


We will be partnering with local community, local government & international charity organizations. We also invite volunteers from Nepal and international to support this project.

Every dollar will be go long way impacting in many people lives.

Help to made a bed at health center

Help to build window by local woods

help to build doors of all this project

Help to build toilet at health center

help to pay nurse for one year salary

Help to build sanitation at project site

Help to install 24 hours running safe drinking water

Help to buy project tin roof

Help to pay local labours salary to pay for one month by 15 people working everyday.

delivery / gynecological examination

Help to build dental room


We will be going to held our very first health camp in Phuleli at our project site from October 18th to 20th 2019 with support of The Kailash Medical Foundation.