Individual Volunteer

For a more personal, one to one experience, you can volunteer as an individual and teach and share skills with children who will be very happy to have you in their world.


Here are some great opportunities for you to choose from . . .

Solukhumbu Girls' Dormitory

The girls' dormitory is situated high up in the Himalayan mountains. The girls, between 16 and 20 years of age, are boarding at the school while attending college, which is very important to them for a brighter future. These girls are preparing to "meet the world" after their studies, or go on to even higher education, thus, aside from the opportunity to teach very important skills like English and computer skills, they very much appreciate any other special skills you may have, such as public speaking, writing resumes, or even personal hygiene, music, dance, etc. They are studying to become teachers, businesswomen, nurses, social workers, etc., so whatever you have to share in these areas, and others, will be valuable to them. You will be very welcome and greatly appreciated! You will be living in the dormitory with the girls and enjoying a truly one on one experience with them. It will be rewarding and great fun! The requirement that we ask of you is to commit to a minimum of three weeks.

Himalayan Hope Home

This is our girls' refuge in the capital city of Kathmandu. Thirty (30) orphaned girls live at our Himalayan Hope Home, and you will be staying there with them. In spite of their tragedies, these girls are appreciative of their new life and love to dance and sing, actually choreograph their dances, and are very artistic; they will show you their art if you ask! They are a very loving and happy group and are enthusiastic about learning new things to help change their lives for the better. The majority of the girls go to school from 10:00-4:00, so you will be teaching extra-curricular activities in the evenings, such as English lessons, dancing, singing, etc. You will likely never experience such children who so enthusiastically welcome whatever you have to share with them. Some of the older girls have school early in the morning and return by lunchtime, so you could create an education program for them, too. Also, if you feel like it during the day, you can explore the culturally rich city of Kathmandu.

A Remote Village School - Volunteer Teaching

Wow, this will be quite an experience that will be hard to duplicate. How about teaching in a remote village school in the Himalayas? Yes, you will be living in this remote village in the Everest region of the Himalayas with a local family, and experience the culture first hand. You will be teaching English at the school, a most important skill for children in these remote areas. These children look up to teachers and are a bit in awe, especially if you are female, since due to gender disparity in education, very few women are educated enough to be teachers. Most teachers do not know the English language well, either, and have trouble teaching it, so you will be most welcome to teach this language skill. In addition, if you have any special skills, such as sports, music. art, etc., we - and the villagers - welcome your sharing these with much appreciation. The requirement that we ask of you is to commit to a minimum of three weeks.

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