Will Beck

I appreciate the little things more


Dear Karma and Sonam,

Spending those three weeks in Nepal and helping build the new kitchen and dining room for the girls were probably the best three weeks that I have had in my life. From the moment we arrived at the Hope Home, we were immediately welcomed into your family and that sense of family will be something I will remember forever.

My favorite memories of my time with you and girls are many.  Most days, after we had finished working, the girls would insist that we dance with them and they always ended up laughing at me.  I am not the most talented dancer, as I’m sure you witnessed, and even though I tried my best to follow their lead, my dancing provided an endless source of entertainment for them. When we took the girls to a movie one afternoon I felt so honoured that we got to take many of the girls to their first movie in a theatre.

Another day when we finished working on the building early, the guys and I decided to surprise the girls when they were dropped off from the bus after school. It was a wonderful surprise for them! They were so happy and seemed to really enjoy us being there and spending time with them.

  I enjoyed waking up in the morning to the sound of the girls saying my name, Jeevan, and giggling. The friendship bracelets the girls gave me mean so much to me and I have worn them since I received them with no plans of taking them off. They are a reminder to my time with you. Working on the building was hard work, but it was incredibly enjoyable and gave me such a sense of accomplishment because we worked literally shoulder to shoulder with you, the TSW staff and many of the girls.

  I enjoyed helping make momos in the kitchen with you and Dawa and especially enjoyed sitting around the table with everyone on our final night at the Hope Home sharing dinner. I truly felt welcomed into the Hope Home and Small World family and honored to share this and so many other experiences with you.  

The experience of spending time in Nepal continues to impact me everyday. While in Nepal there was never a dull moment and I had so much fun building, playing with the girls, and learning all about the Nepali culture.This trip and meeting all of you changed me. I appreciate the little things more and the sense of family and community. I felt part of your family and you are now part of my family. I now understand that one person can make a difference in someone else’s life and that working together on a common goal, we can achieve just about anything. 

Now that I am home, all I can think about is going back to Nepal. I went to Nepal thinking that I would help make a difference in the lives of the girls and you, and I hope I did, but I think that you, the girls, the Small World staff, being welcomed into your family had a much greater impact on me. Thank you does not seem like enough, but truly, thank you for everything. I will definitely see you again.


Will Beck