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With privilege comes responsibility


Karma Sherpa is one young man who embodies the concept of investing in the human spirit. We met Karma many years ago, when he was probably 6 years old, and I can remember him playing in the dirt in front of his house in the village of Deku. Over the years, we passed through Deku many times and saw him grow up as we climbed and trekked in Nepal. Kim and I were excited to hear that Karma wanted to be the first person from Deku to graduate from college. We decided to sponsor him for his college education in Kathmandu.

This story has come full circle. Karma is now a young man and has graduated from Kathmandu University with a B.A. in Business. He has been elected as the president of the Taksindu Social Welfare Council. As a child, he attended the primary school in the next village of Chhulemu. Now the village elders and the dZi Foundation have entrusted him as the person who is in charge of the construction of the new Chhulemu School.

As I just wrote this and considered the reality of what has taken place over the years, tears began to role down my face. Honestly, I don’t know why. I am exhausted trying to get my life wrapped up for the next 6 weeks, before I leave Nepal in 2 days. But one thing I can tell you for sure, I will give you a first hand report, in the next newsletter. On May 9th when we walk back into Chhulemu and Deku to inaugurate the opening of the new primary school, it will be an off-the-charts celebration.

A saying we often use around dZi is, “with privilege comes responsibility.” Karma is living this saying and we can’t wait to see him beaming when we walk up the trail into Chhulemu.

Jim Nowak, President CEO, dZi Foundation

from Newsletter of Friday, April  27, 2007

Jim Nowak, President CEO, dZi Foundation

Jim Nowak, President CEO, dZi Foundation