Karma Sherpa with his two young children.

Karma Sherpa with his two young children.

Message from Karma

Giving back to the community

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Small World!

Over the years, it has given me immense joy to see the positive changes we’ve been able to make in some of the poorest communities in rural Nepal. Thanks to our generous donors, enthusiastic volunteers, and hardworking community members, we have seen sustainable infrastructure provided, opportunities for women created, and education given for many young girls.

We believe in creating opportunities, taking responsibility, and giving back to the community. All of our projects are community owned and the locals participate actively in both the decision-making process and implementation. By adopting this model we have ensured a feeling of ownership in the community and instilled continuity for the project’s future.

Girls education is our priority

We have a special focus on girls’ education because there is still a massive “gender gap” in education in the rural communities where we work. Unfortunately, it is still the case that boys are the priority for education within the family.

We believe that every girl deserves to live in safety and to be given the opportunity to learn and to decide her own future. It is a tragic fact that vulnerable girls are deliberately targeted in Nepal, and then trafficked to a foreign country for a life of unimaginable misery. We wanted to protect the most at risk girls before they became yet another victim.

A home full of hope and promise

I am very proud to announce our Himalayan Hope Home, a refuge for orphaned girls. We are providing a safe home, nutritious food, education and parental care for 30 girls. The girls are flourishing and they really have a bright future ahead of them. In fact, Pasang Sherpa, age 9, not only got the top marks in her grade one final exam, but also got the highest marks in the entire school!

We have big dreams . . . we want to provide every single vulnerable girl in Nepal with a safe home and a bright future. We believe that every community deserves to have a basic infrastructure, such as clean drinking water, adequate sanitation and a good school. We want to empower the women of Nepal with new skills so that they can lead this country from poverty into a more prosperous and developed nation. We believe that with your help we can achieve this. We invite you to share in our successes and join us on our journey.

Karma Sherpa
Executive Director /Co-Founder
The Small World