Karma Sherpa  Executive director & Co-Founder The Small World

Karma Sherpa
Executive director & Co-Founder
The Small World

Our Story

The Small World’s humble origins began ten years ago in a small village in the District of Solukhumbhu, but the inspiration and backstory of its creation began thirty years ago.

Born to a nomadic family in the village of Deku, the district of Solukhumbu, Mr. Karma Sherpa was one of twelve siblings, none of whom attended school but instead helped their parents to graze yak, the foundation of the family’s survival.

Luckily an opportunity came to Karma in the form of a donation from a kind-hearted traveler that enabled him to attend school, and he eventually became the first person in his village to receive a Bachelor’s degree. Soon after, Karma returned to pay it forward and provide other children with the same opportunities by founding the non-profit organization, “The Small World,” in 2006.

Since then, his efforts have expanded to include other communities in creating sustainable community development. In essence, Karma’s profound understanding of his people and their customs and culture has contributed greatly to harmonious and effective results in the organization’s mission.

With Gratitude

The gift of education made a huge difference in Karma Sherpa’s life and provided him with opportunities that he could never have imagined. He hopes that his profound gratitude, in the form of a deep passion to share and give back through The Small World, will expand with the encouragement of like-minded people to successfully change and transform many more lives for the better in the much-loved country of Nepal.